Homework Policy and Homework Folder

Your child will receive a homework folder and Daily Planner. Notes for parents are on the left side. The homework your child is to do should be on the right side.  Please take a look at all parent notices and return when necessary.  This folder should be returned the next day with your child’s homework and notes.

     Homework is assigned Monday thru Thursday. Children are responsible for writing their homework in their Daily Planner. Parents should look over homework and initial daily.
     On Friday I will collect this homework folder in order to change the homework sheet. The folder will be returned to your child on Monday for the new week.

     It is my hope that the homework folder will help promote responsibility and organizational skills in your child. Through the year you will receive many notices from the school (Principal notices, Counselor notices, PTA notices and various others). Please do your best to respond to notices in a timely fashion.


                               Thank you for your support! Miss Malig
Look for this symbol in the top right hand corner of notes. *  It will indicate that the notice is from me.