Haarburger, Sara


Mrs. Haarburger


Welcome to my website! As a school psychologist my goal is to promote the social emotional development of our students. On my website you will find a variety of resources to assist with this development. If there is any assistance you ever need I can be reached at (732) 752-1801 ext. 5648 or at shaarburger@pway.org.

As we embark on distance learning you may find you are need additional resources to support our students understanding of what it means to take part in social distancing. Below you will find a video that can aid in explaining it to your child. In addition there are links to videos about growth mindset, a link for apps to help kids focus, and links to fun movement and mindfulness breaks that can be done indoors.

Video About Social Distancing


Social Story About Social Distancing

Apps to help kids focus


Make Your Own Stress Ball
Growth Mindset Videos


Movement and Mindfulness Videos

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Go Noodle

Mindful Breathing

Mindful Breathing

Zones of Regulation Poster 

How to Make your own sensory bottle

Breathing Exercises From the Counselors


Create a calm down space at home