Tips for Parents

Helpful Tips
1. Supervise homework.  Make sure it is replaced in the bookbag and returned to school the next day.
2.  Encourage your child to read 15 minutes nightly or read to your child.  Discuss what you have read and talk about characters, themes, and events in the story.
3.  Look at ALL the papers brought home.  Compliment good work and address any problems.
4.  Help study addition and subtraction facts by playing flashcards games.
5.  Go over spelling words nightly as part of the homework.
6.  Encourage good handwriting.
7.  Encourage routines, including homework time, bedtime, wake up time, eating a good breakfast every morning.
8.  Encourage hard work.
9.  Encourage your child to listen carefully. 
10. Contact me at the earliest sign of a problem.