This is what we are learning in Oct.
Math:  In room 22 we are well into our new Math program Go-Math. We are exploring Place Value to 1000. Students are learning to compose and decompose numbers. For example, the number 347 can also be described as 300+40+7 or 3 hundreds 4 tens and 7 ones.  Children should be practicing their addition and subtraction facts for instant recall at home each night.
Reading:  We are diving into the "rituals and routines" of Readers Workshop. The children are becoming experts on the actions of good readers such as making predictions and activating their schema. We will be working in small groups to develop reading strategies to help us become better readers. Reading fluency and comprehension will be the focus.  Children are also reading books on their independent levels and learning a variety of ways to respond to text.
Science:  We will be learning about outer space. We will cover themes such as shadows, day/night, the Sun, the Moon, stars and constellations. 
Social Studies:  We will be learning about families, ancestors,traditions and the election process as well as map and globe skills.