The Eisenhower staff is dedicated to providing each student with opportunities and skills to achieve success and individual growth now and in the future. The parents and staff believe that the search for educational excellence is a shared responsibility based on collaboration and mutual respect. Efforts and energies are linked to provide a diverse student population with a quality education that stresses academic excellence. In addition, the intent is to instill students with an understanding of their own social responsibilities and to present many opportunities, which enable them to reach a personal development with empowerment to believe in their own abilities and to seek support, validation, and guidance from their parents, teachers, and peers.

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Vincenzo Stio

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Eisenhower Anti-Bullying Specialist
Sara Haarburger
732-752-1801 x5648

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District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
David Rubin

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Board of Education Liaison
Nancy Corradino