Kroeckel, Jessica

Welcome to Mrs. Kroeckel's Third Grade Class!

We are jumping right into our first Units of Reading and Writing Workshop.

Our first unit for Reading Workshop, Building a Reading Life, “pulls out all the stops in an effort to help children build an ever more powerful reading life.” Students are setting goals, readings books as if they are gold, reading in the company of partners, and tackling more challenging texts. It is with great hope that all my students are passionate about reading and excited to continue with the workshop model for the rest of the school year!

It’s also an exciting time in Writing Workshop as we begin our first unit, Crafting True Stories. Students are increasing their independence as they write personal narratives. We are developing strategies to find ideas and write up a storm. They are becoming storytellers as they take their readers on their small moment adventures. In addition, students are balancing kinds of details, using correct grammar, and revising in big, important ways. 

I am so excited to have a successful year with your child. Please do not hesitate to contact me at or
(732) 752-1801 ext 5615