Room 17 Supply List

Back to School Supplies

     It is a pleasure to have your child in my class.  I am looking forward to an exciting year with your family.  I hope everyone has had a safe and happy summer. Here are some supplies that your child will need to keep them organized and ready to start our year off. Throughout the year children will need to replace pencils, crayons, glue and markers so I am asking for several of these items. I will hold on to all extra items so that your child will always have what they need to do their class work and projects.

*** Items such as scissors, erasers, wipe off markers etc. should be removed from packages.

***All items should be placed in a gallon sized ziplock bag labeled with your child’s name.

1. 1 marbled covered mead composition notebook. They come in black and other colors. We will use the journal for writing and math.

2. 1 box Colored Pencils

3. 4 Dry Erase Markers

4. 1 Pair of Scissors

5. 5 folders for homework, workshops, papers

6. 2 dozen pencils(sharpened please)

7. 4 boxes of crayons

8. 1 bottle of glue

9. 12 glue sticks

10. 4 block erasers

11. 2 Highlighter pens

12. Pencil case or supply box to keep things in

13. A bookbag to carry things to and from school

14. 1 clean sock or eraser (to be used with wipe off board)

I look forward to meeting you and working with your

child. With your help I know that we will have a successful year!

                 Thank you!      
              Miss Leilani Malig

           ph. 732 752-1801 x5617