Picone, Tara



WeLCOME TO MRS. Picone's Class!

Grade: Kindergarten

Contact Information
Email Address: tpicone@pway.org
Phone number: 732-752-1801 x5607
Best time to reach me: 8:30am-3:30pm
Best way to reach me: email 
If it is an emergency/urgent, please
dial extension 5645. 
    Due to the possibility that I may be absent and/or unable to check my voicemail/email, please send changes in dismissal and other matters via a hand written note or speak directly with someone in the office.  Use the above contact information should you have other concerns or questions during this school year.




Welcome to Eisenhower School!

Hello!  My name is Mrs. Picone.  I am excited to be your child’s Kindergarten teacher and to be a part of the staff at Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School. I will begin my sixteenth year of teaching this fall and am enthusiastic about helping your child succeed.


What You Need to Know

Your child will need a backpack and lunchbox for school this year.  A list of recommended school supplies is shown under the "Supplies for Kindergarten" section in my letter to your child.  All supplies will be shared, as sharing is a Kindergarten learning experience, and there is no need for a supply box. Also, I will provide each child with a binder on the first day of school, September 5th.  It will be used for the entire school year. As the first day’s homework assignment, please read over the rules on the back of the binder, sign, and return the binder to school each day.  Also, check this each day for any special assignments or notes from me or the front office. 


The binder will have your child’s first and last names printed on the front.  Please practice name printing each night the way you see it printed on the binder.  If you need to leave me a note or money for lunch, etc., please be sure to put it in a sealed envelope or small plastic bag with your child’s name, and place it into the “Notes and Money” pouch. Exact change for any purchases during the year is appreciated. Also, your child's name must be on the inside of his/her backpack, lunchbox and everything else (except supplies) that is brought to school (change of clothing, bags, coats, umbrellas, boots, etc.).


Birthday Celebrations

I truly enjoy honoring each child’s special day with a birthday crown and a birthday pencil.  However, while it is not necessary to send something, stickers, pencils, or some other small item, would be a perfect treat to celebrate your child’s birthday with the class.  Although, if you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday with a small snack, please notify me in advance. Please, no cakes and candles. Thanks!



Please send in a small snack for your child each day.  Appropriate items would be a few crackers, pretzels, fruit, yogurt, or popcorn. Please do not send in candy and avoid sending fruit roll-ups or chips. The district has a Wellness Policy that discourages items that list sugar as the first ingredient. 


You may also send in a beverage for your child.   Water, 100% juice boxes or smoothies are best. We also have a water fountain in the room.  Please do not send in glass bottles or hard to open containers.  They are either too difficult for the children to open or close, leak in bags or pose safety hazards.  Your cooperation in this matter is appreciated.

Also, be sure to pack a nutritious lunch each day.  If you prefer, your child can purchase lunch from our cafeteria.  A lunch menu will be sent home each month and/or it should be available on our school’s website.  Refer to the website and/or notice from the main office regarding pricing and payment options.  If your child purchases lunch, he/she will be given help in entering his\her student ID number.

Classroom Donations and Volunteers

It would be greatly appreciated if you are able to donate plastic spoons, brown lunch bags, and/or white paper plates. We use these items frequently during the year.


Also, if anyone is interested in volunteering for classroom activities, please let me know.  The children and I truly value your support.  Thank you in advance!


Come Prepared Each Day

Your child will be learning many wonderful things this year, academically and socially.  Therefore, please be sure that your child eats an adequate breakfast before coming to school.  Please avoid foods that are high in sugar.  Also, make sure that your child gets a good night's sleep (in bed as close to 8:00 PM as possible).  When homework is given, it should be done after school or in the early evening.


Final Note

Please double-check the spelling of your child's name and address on the mailing label.  Report any errors to the main office as soon as possible so that the corrections can be made promptly.  Also, return any contact and emergency forms immediately.  If your phone number or the phone number of your emergency contacts change during the year, please let the front office and/or me know as soon as possible.


Your child’s academic, social and overall success is dependent upon the love, enthusiasm and support you provide at home.  Please keep that in mind as we work together to make this an exciting year for your child.

Enjoy the rest of the summer.  I look forward to meeting and greeting everyone in room #7 in September! 

Sincerely your partner in education,

Mrs. Picone




Welcome to Kindergarten!  My name is Mrs. Picone, and I am delighted to be your Kindergarten teacher this year.  I want you to know that I have been getting ready for your very first day at Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School and have also been playing, swimming and reading with my daughter and two sons.  I hope you have been playing and enjoying the summer, too. 

Well, I just cannot wait to meet you in September, and I hope you will be as excited as I am.  You will learn lots of new things in Kindergarten, and to help you, I have a supply list just for you below. Take a look:  


Supplies for Kindergarten

1 – package of black dry erase markers (thin if possible)

1 – old, clean sock (cleans boards and stores the dry erase markers)

1 – marble notebook

3 - glue sticks (.77 oz tubes are preferred and last longer)

3 - boxes Crayola crayons (24 colors)

1 – packages unscented baby wipes

1 - boxes facial tissues




Mrs. Picone


P.S. Remember to be in bed early every night and be sure to pack a nutritious snack and lunch for the first day of school.