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We have been super busy diving into our Reading and Writing Units! Students have learned to craft true stories through their personal narratives and create goals and build stamina in reading.

Our second unit for Reading Workshop, Mystery: Foundational Skills in Disguise, “emphasizes foundational reading skills that is engaging and child-centered. Students will be so excited to read mysteries that they’ll leap at the chance to do the work required to get the mystery.” Students will read this new genre with excitement as they explore close and inferential reading. We will begin this unit working collaboratively in groups to “break out of the classroom” Students will be given tasks that need to be completed in order to get clues to codes and locks. They will have 45 minutes to complete this task! Will they be able to work together as new detectives and break out? Stay tuned!

It’s also an exciting time in Writing Workshop as we begin our second unit, Persuasive Writing. Students will chose topics that they have strong feelings about, and write an opinion based text to support their argument. They will write claims and use evidence to support their viewpoint.


** At this time, your child should be reading at a level M or higher. Please assure that he/she is reading every night to become a stronger reader. Don't forget to use RAZ-KIDS!! 


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