Hardish, Carin



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Contact Information
Email Address: chardish@pway.org
Phone number: (732) 752-1801 EXT. 5605
(The best time to reach me is before or after school. I can be contacted during school hours (8:40 am to 3:35 pm) by voice mail or email. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Instructional Aides
: Ms. Rajal and Ms. Aviva
Speech Therapists: Ms.Lynn Rubinfeld and Ms. Fergi Field
Occupational Therapist: Mrs. Amy Guenzel
Behaviorist: Ms. Noel Aprile
Case Manager: Mrs. Cheryl Scriven

Specials Schedule:
Music: Tuesday / Thursday
P.E: Monday / Tuesday / Thursday 
Art: Monday / Wednesday
Digital Literacy: Thursday
Library: Friday