Conover, Patricia






phone: 732-752-1801 x5606


    Throughout the 2018-2019 School Year:
    * Box Tops- collected each month
    *Labels For Education- collected all year long
    *Pizza Hut- Book It Reading Program- October through March
    *Raz-Kids Online Reading Program- all year long
    *Book In a Bag- January through June
    * Student of the Week- October through June
    *Parent-Teacher Conferences- October
    *Spelling Notebooks- Monday-Thursday, Test on Friday
    *Homework- assigned daily Monday through Thursday


    Kindergarten is a fun filled year that starts off with a Fairy Tale unit in Literacy and then sets off into the magical world of Jack and Annie in the Magic Tree House series that we follow from October through June. We will read books 1-12. Prior to reading each fictional book, we do some fact building about a time, place or topic that Jack and Annie might explore, for example: space, dinosaurs, the ocean, Egypt and the Arctic to name a few.

    In math we will explore a variety of topics and skills. Throughout the year we will continue to introduce, explore and practice skills in: patterning, sorting, classifying, counting, skip-counting, graphing, comparing, identifying 2- and 3-dimensional shapes, addition, subtraction and number writing.

    Mrs. Conover's Kindergarten Supply List:
    • Backpack labeled with your name (big enough to fit a folder and lunch box, however, they may not be bags with wheels nor luggage type bags)
    • 1 Lunchbox labeled with your name on it for lunch andsnack to be kept it
    • A small healthy snack each day- small juice or water and snack (fruit, crackers, yogurt, etc.)
    • 2 plastic pocket folder (labeled with child's name)
    • 1 marble notebook
    • 2 large box of tissues
    • 2 packages of baby wipes
    • 3 boxes of 24 CRAYOLA crayons
    • large glue sticks
    • 1 pack of black Expo dry erase markers

    *All supplies are kept at school and opened and used as needed for community sharing in the classroom.