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December 2018/January 2019
Here's whats happening in LEAP

Kindergarten Enrichment

All kindergarten students will participate in a two-part enrichment activity. This enrichment activity will test for students’ creativity, originality and their ability to solve problems with various materials and limits. Each lesson should last approximately 60 minutes and will run for two consecutive weeks for each class. The first session will be utilized as an introduction and planning session. The second session will be utilized as a building/creating session of a take-home project.  

All kindergarten enrichment activities will begin in December through the end of January.


Grade 1 LEAP Engineering Session 

The first session of grade 1 LEAP is quickly coming to an end! During the workshop, students worked in various stations that all focused on engineering inventions. In the choice station, students were challenged to make a creative invention using two specific materials. In the computer station, students visited various math and science educational websites. In the mini-challenge station, students made inventions using everyday materials to solve a problem to the story “Belling the Cat”.  All students created a flip book that shows the problem solved, a drawing of their invention, a drawing of the mice using their invention and steps required to work their invention. 

The next round of Session #2-Grade 1 challenges will begin after winter break! 

Grade 2-3 Dance Residency Program

  • Stay tuned for Dance Residency information next month!

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